Power station tours impress local scholars

Students and academics from Lancaster University and Blackburn College have enjoyed gold-standard technical tours of Fiddler’s Ferry power station and its education resource centre – courtesy of on-site expert tour guides.

The Warrington-based SSE plant received positive feedback both as an energy generator and as a key provider of a local community hub through its ever-popular education resource centre.

Fiddler’s Ferry centre staff Merril Cummerson, Dawn Harvey, Barbara Murray and Sandra Fance conducted the tours.

At the end of his group’s visit, Blackburn College lecturer Don Mackay noted:
“Through our excellent visit to the Fiddler’s Ferry education centre, our students now have a greater understanding of company responsibilities towards provision of electrical supplies and environmental issues. Excellent throughout, I wish more companies provided this resource.”

Roger Kemp, engineering lecturer from Lancaster University commented through his evaluation:
“Many thanks for organising a great visit to Fiddler’s Ferry power station yesterday. Talking with the students on the coach and as they were tidying away their PPE, they clearly appreciated the opportunity to get “up close” to plant of this sort. And 2.2million tonnes of coal was an impressive heap! I think the really useful learning experience was the sheer scale of power generation needed to satisfy our electricity use.”

To arrange a visit to Fiddler’s Ferry Education Resource Centre contact Education Centre Manager Paul Cockcroft by emailing: paul.cockcroft@sse.com